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Shop Kuyaw! is a community lifestyle shop promoting local products that highlight and celebrate the strength and ingenuity of Filipinos. We curate amazing, locally-made products that promote the values, culture, and origins of our local communities.

We have created this platform to grow a community of social enterprises, homegrown brands, local entrepreneurs, and advocates of sustainable and meaningfully inclusive consumer lifestyles.

From our mother tongue, the word kuyaw holds for us a special meaning. It reflects our local culture, which whether traditional or modern, is vividly passionate.  Through these products, we want to share our lives and the wisdom of our indigenous worldviews. Our humor is unique, and our compassion has deep historical context. Our streets are filled with many things that can delight the senses. There is so much more, and it's high time that this richness should be channeled into our local products and businesses.

For us, kuyaw is not just an expression.  It can be an aspiration or a standard.  We need to find the kuyaw in everything.  In the context of our SEs and MSMEs, kuyaw can be the final product, or the process that made it happen.  It can be the people, the story, the history, or the shared experiences.

Or, it can simply be the aspiration itself to leave a meaningful mark in the world.

Liezel Salera-Manabat


We are an inclusive business solutions company that enables Social Enterprises and MSMEs through incubation, business support, and hybrid marketing strategies. 

We envision to be a trusted partner of MSMEs and social impact organizations worldwide and be a pillar of inclusive and sustainable growth in Mindanao, Philippines.




Our work is centered around uplifting our Filipino and Mindanawon identity through local products, brands, campaigns, and projects.

To specifically cater to SEs and MSMEs, we operate and manage marketing and distribution platforms to provide them with better access to market opportunities and an avenue to engage with consumers.

We run a Care Hub to support local businesses and a Creative Studio to run trainings, design workshops, and craft unique projects and campaigns that highlight the unique and beautiful aspects of our local culture.



We have always envisioned living in a culturally diverse, inclusive, and sustainable community.

Through the years, we have deep-dived into the values, culture, and origins of our local partners and saw the deeper meaning behind each locally-made product and business.

We want to break the mold of predictability and stereotypes that limits us.  "Pwede na" cannot be our standard.  We want to inspire our local entrepreneurs to innovate and go the extra mile to reflect our unique stories, culture, and identities through each product and brand they create.

Ultimately, we recognize that for each success we achieve, we are helping to uplift the quality of life of our local communities.  There is a special place in our hearts for our local artisans, women, informal and disadvantaged sectors, and vulnerable stakeholders that are less privileged but are equally deserving of opportunities.  Being dependent on livelihood, they are the ones who are most at risk when MSMEs and SEs fail or become unsustainable, 

We believe that this is our deeper calling and we are dedicated to be a key player to increase collaboration and inclusiveness in our industry and in our region.


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