The Community Store Project | Report 2022

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After one year of running The Community Store Project, we are happy to share with you our milestones!

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 The Community Store Project | Report 2022

Starting our business during the pandemic

This same day last year was the official start of The GiftingLife Community Store.  It was the culmination of years of building our community and network of local MSMEs and Social Enterprises (SEs) whom, finally, we can now serve better through a permanent physical store.  In hindsight, we didn't really know back then when exactly the pandemic would end.  But we took a brave step forward because we felt it was urgent and important to help MSMEs and SEs bounce back.  

Now, we are very happy and proud to present the year that we have accomplished.  This will never be possible without the support of our partners and stakeholders. 

The Community Store Project is our commitment to LIFT local businesses in all communities in the Philippines, starting with Mindanao.

Let's continue this journey together!

Our Impact Weaves On

The Community Store Project is a multi-stakeholder effort to open hybrid spaces that focus on products made by the community and for the community, aimed at expanding market opportunities for MSMEs and social enterprises.

This is led by Buoyancies Business Accelerated Inc and participated by various partners and volunteers.

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